Discovery concert

Private: Film music

Jenkins, Harrison, Herrmann, Barber, Haendel, Takemitsu, Delerue, Rota, Dumas

Duration : 1h without intermission

The music for its own sake.

Music and film have the power to intensify each other. Karl Jenkins’s neo-Baroque Palladio was used for a 1990s TV commercial for diamonds, and several famous works have become indissociable from the movies that borrowed them: Samuel Barber’s Adagio, for example, used for Oliver Stone’sPlatoon, and Handel’s Sarabande for Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon. And who can imagine Godard’s Le Mépris without the haunting tenderness of Georges Delerue’s soundtrack?

Hitchcock met his alter ego in Bernard Herrmann, who in 1960 wrote the unforgettable music for Psycho, one of the seven Hitchcock films on which he worked. “Hitchcock only finishes a picture sixty per cent,” he was to declare. “I have to finish it for him.”

Tōru Takemitsu’s Three Film Scores, transcriptions for string orchestra of music from films (1994) – Music of Training and Rest from José Torres, Funeral Music from Black Rain, and Waltz from Face of Another – concentrate on the evocative powers of his language. Nino Rota is best known for his close collaboration on the films of Federico Fellini. Brimming with charm, his Concerto for strings, written in the mid-60s and revised in 1977, illustrates his effortless gift for melody.


* Works played on 3 February
** Works played only on the 27 May

*** Expresso concert
**** Concert at the Chaudanne Ballroom originally planned at the Theater. Earlier curtain time by an amateur orchestra. In partnership with the Fédération Musicale de Savoie



Short films realized by the ENAAI students


With the support of Musique Nouvelle en Liberté

Nicolas Chalvin, conductor




Palladio – Allegretto (1995) 


Nocturne – Suite for symphonic strings (1960) 


Psycho: A Narrative for string orchestra (1960)score restored and edited by John Mauceri (1990)


Adagio (1938) *

Georg Friedrich HAENDEL

Sarabande from the Keyboard Suite in D minor HWV437 (1703-06) 


Three Film Scores (1995) for string orchestra *


Contempt (Le Mépris) – Camille’s Theme (1963) 


Concerto for Strings (1965) *

Romain DUMAS

Creation for strings (May 2017) **