Schools are not only places of learning, but also of discovery. Getting to know an orchestra and its world during school hours gives students an additional access to culture, and helps reduce inequalities.

The orchestra strives to make its widely varied musical activities accessible to everyone, from primary school children to university students. In some establishments these cultural events are spread over the school year and tie in with other themes.


Primary schools

As part of a familiarisation process, the orchestra plays each year during school hours to students in primary and secondary schools. Its performances are supplemented with chamber music events. These sessions make up the “Élèves au concert” series, which is open to secondary school students in Savoie and Haute-Savoie and to certain primary school students in Savoie. The series was developed in partnership with the Inspection académique, the “Chemins de la Culture” of the Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Savoie, and the “Pactes” scheme coordinated by Diapason EPCC 73. Generally speaking, primary and secondary school students participate together more and more frequently in the “Élèves au concert” events.


Teachers training

For the second consecutive year DAAC Grenoble (DAAC means Academic Delegation for Arts and Culture) will be providing a two-day training course on the “Music and Architecture” theme of varying levels.This cross-disciplinary approach helps teachers prepare to teach students about the orchestra’s concerts.


Educational resources

Each of the orchestra’s projects is accompanied by a ‘teaching kit’ which includes pointers on listening to the repertoire and information that helps give a deeper understanding of the orchestra. A large collection of audio-visual and disc material available from the orchestra can also help to develop knowledge and understanding.



Each season nearly 3000 secondary school students attend orchestral events during school hours, mainly through the “Élèves au concert” scheme (schools must register with the Inspection Académique in May). Every year school groups enjoy discovering more about orchestral and chamber music through attending rehearsals, concerts and other events.


High schools (lycées)

The Orchestre des Pays de Savoie continues his collaboration with high schools and professional schools via the ‘Eureka’ regional system, by which certain classes, in schools chosen for their remoteness from the concert circuit, will be able to follow courses combining artistic discovery, a look at the skills involved in working for an orchestra, and the development of projects.


University / Campus en musique

For the past 15 years, the orchestra has worked with the Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, giving students a chance to get to know the orchestra and its repertory. This partnership results in projects with students studying for degrees in Administration and Cultural Management (AGEC) and Multimedia and Internet and IT Careers (taught at the IUT in Chambéry). Since October 2012 the orchestra’s offices have been located at the Savoie-Technolac site; this encourages contact between the orchestra and the students who will make up the audiences of tomorrow. Free on-campus lunchtime concerts, internships, and collaboration with students during recording sessions all build links with the Université de Savoie on its Annecy-le-Vieux, Jacob-Bellecombette and Bourget-du-Lac campuses. Other projects involve students enrolled in cultural and audiovisual degree programmes, as well as those who are learning music at the Cité des Arts de Chambéry. The university campuses also serve as a link with certain high schools.