The Orchestre des Pays de Savoie travels extensively!

For information on the 2016/17 season or reservations, please contact the ticket office of the venues directly concerned. You will find all the details on the concert pages.

Find out more through our newsletter

An electronic newsletter is issued before each of the orchestra’s major series of concerts. It provides an opportunity to keep abreast of information about life of the orchestra and its peripheral activities, meetings and broadcasts, which are sometimes open to the general public.


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Orchestre des Pays de Savoie
Bâtiment Koala, Savoie-Technolac
17 rue du Lac St André
BP 50268 F-73375 Le Bourget-du-Lac
t. +33 (0)4 79 33 42 71
f. +33 (0)4 79 33 43 00